Chain Chokers Cell Testing



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Load Choker Manufactures and tests to:

Austrailian, New Zealand Standards
AZ/NZS 4380 (Strap) and AS/NZS 4344 (Chain)

European Standards
EN 12195-2 (Strap) and EN 12195-3 (Chain)

Load Choker’s focus remains on providing a superior product that is high in quality, safe to apply and is compliant with international industry standards.  The Alloy Steel we manufacture from has undergone rigorous metallurgical and brinell testing ensuring optimal steel properties.  All batches undergo breaking strain test as per the AS/NZS and EN standards through a dedicated NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) certified laboratory. 




A test certificate can be downloaded per batch manufactured. Click below to access batch test certificates.


Batch C3B     Batch C66    Batch D01 - D02