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June 2011 | Western Australia Transport Magazine |  Karen-Maree’ Kaye

The following independent report covers two commonly used load binding devices and WATM has also hunted out some new products on the market offering alternatives to traditional equipment.

Peter Swift kindly bought around to me the two load binders featured in the report and I had a go at using both of them. He explained that while our demonstration was at waist level, in many instances you would need to be operating this equipment over your head.


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New FMCSA's Cargo Securement Rules

FMCSA Cargo Securement Rules

A cooperative program between the United States and Canada

FMCSA's new cargo securement requirements are now in effect. The rules are based on model regulations developed in a cooperative program between the United States and Canada.


FMCSA's Cargo Securement Rules - PDF

Educational Materials Cover Cargo Securement


The FMCSA's regulation: Development of a North American Standard for Protection Against Shifting and Falling Cargo - PDF


A Correction to the regulation: Development of a North American Standard for Protection Against Shifting and Falling Cargo - PDF Version 


updated as of October 2012


Load Choker  in the news

Press Coverage


  • May 2013 | CV Driver Magazine| Load Securing, Time for a Re-Think -- Over the past year and going forward through 2013, VOSA will be taking an increasing interest in the way loads are being secured. VOSA enforcement officers have been undergoing training to give them a better understanding of the physics and engineering principals behind load security, as set out in the European Standar EN 12195. Read Full Article

  • April 29, 2011 | Big Rigs | Load Choker keeps your cargo secure -- EVERY truckie’s worst nightmare would be looking over their shoulder and finding difficult loads rolling off the tray with cars swerving in all directions to avoid it. Such scenarios not only endanger the drivers, but commuters alike. The Load Choker is an exciting new solution to the problem of safely restraining difficult loads such as loose packs of steel, timber, pipes, mixed loads and heavy machinery. Its 2:1 leverage pulls the load together and maintains pressure in “choking” the load to restrict movement in all directions.
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  • July 2011 | Western Australia Transport Magazine |  Safety Article -- Restraining loads safely on the truck is always a key element for truckies when carting goods whether it’s locally or interstate. Yet many have experienced traumatic instances where the center of the load has moved during transit and before they know it, the contents have either contracted towards the cab or telescoped out and onto an oncoming vehicle. Worse still, the instance leaves those involved injured and traumatized in the process. Such situations create grave danger for truckies and drivers alike.
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