Looking Back

A Historical Look at the evolution of Load Restraint

1990's - Anthony Bourne needed a solution to transport machinery safely without rubbing together or moving in transit with various size and weight components.

2005 - Duringa ski adventure, Anthony meets future business partnerJohn Brullo and they begin sketching Anthony's revolutionary idea for a choker in the snow.

2006 - Patent applications were lodge for the Load Chokers

2011 -– With patents underway, sales in New Zealand, UK and Europe are underway.

2012 -Load Choker gets geared up to offer this unique safety products to customers throughout Canada, USA and Mexico.

2013 -Load Choker engineers the 100mm (4”) Strap Model Choker and 10mm (3/8”) Chain Choker to service extreme and heavy haulage. Prototype is under production.


Our History

The Beginnings:

Idea -    "Necessity, who is the mother of all inventions"
Plato - The Republic Greek Author & Philosopher in Athens (427BC - 347BC)


It all began during the mid-90's when Anthony Bourne needed to transport Fruit Processing Machinery. The unit requiring transportation came with many components that were valuable and well finished. Consequently, the components could not be bundled together as the coating would be damaged. There had to be a solution for tying down the components without each piece bumping into the other.


Initially Anthony attempted to use a large number of straps and ropes to prevent each piece from moving around, to no avail. It was clearly evident that the strap needed to be choked on several instances to achieve the goal. However, tying the strap in various locations did not offer even tension around the load.

That is when the EPIPHANY took place - "There must be a sliding link in the market to help choke the loads". As there was no suitable solution available, the idea blossomed into a concept.


Idea into Reality:


For many years, the idea simply remained an idea.


During a skiing holiday at Mt Buller, Anthony was introduced to John Brullo by a mutual friend at a pub over a few beers. One beer, two beers, three beers and more grew into a conversation about this "great Aussie idea". The following day the discussion continued on a ski chair lift. Anthony sketched the idea in the snow with his stock for a Strap Choker. John loved the idea so much he recommended that a similar solution be created for chains — hence, the development of the Chain Load Choker.


Anthony headed back to the drawing board. A bit of business advice from John, a few lifting hooks, a grinder with a cutting disk, a Mig welder and a bit of creative thinking gave birth to the Chain Load Choker. Patent applications were lodged and so began the journey and partnership of Great Aussie Products T/As Load Choker (2006).


With a great deal of in-house testing, redevelopment and industry testing and analysis through BlueScope Steel and One Steel paved the pathway for thie first models:


LC08 - 8mm Chain Model Load Choker, and
LS50 - 50mm Web Strap Model Load Choker


Today, Load Choker systems are an integral part of many freight transport operators' daily load restraint tools.Two of Australia's largest manufacturers require them to be used on every load leving any of their plants. No that's saying something.