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Once transporters and truckers see the Load Chokers in action, they can’t get over the simplicity of the solution and the effectiveness of the results

Load Choker

The Load Choker enables you to choke straps or chains in a legally acceptable manner. The term "choke" refers to a method of looping a chain or strap around itself which is very common practice in transport.

The load choker is easy and quick to use, and the fact that it enables you to create 100% tension over the load, means that your load has very little chance of slipping and is therefore safer. It increases productivity and reduces O & HS risks.

It's easy to use the Load Choker to restrain difficult loads. Just hook the ends of the strap or chain together with the choker and tighten with a ratchet. The 2:1 leverage pulls the load together, restricting movement in all directions.

The Load Choker restrains loads that are near impossible to secure, and products of differing shapes and sizes can be quickly and effectively restrained with fewer straps or chains.

The top layers can be securely belly wrapped to stop the centres of load shifting forward under braking. There is no need to pyramid stack, therefore maximising payloads.

Loads on trade racks and machinery can also be secured faster and safer than conventional methods. Different size and different shaped products are easily and safely secured with fewer straps or chains saving time and eliminating safety concerns.


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Load Choker is currenltly sold in Australia and the UK and is in patent approvals in the US and in the application phase for its worldwide patent.

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