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“Good ideas and innovations must be driven into existence by courageous patience” – Haymond G.  Rickover.


Load Choker is an industry leader in the development of unique Load Choking safety devices since 2006. The Load Choker system, for both web straps and chains, is offer an exciting new and safer method for restraining loose loads such as steel, timber, pipes and heavy machinery with the use of webbing tie down and chain restraint systems.

The Load Choking method offers a significant improvement over the traditional belly wrap method by creating a 2:1 tension around the load, which maintains pressure and “chokes” the load to restrict movement in all directions. Application of the Load Choker provides a significant reduction in tie down and unloading times, especially where multiple deliveries are concerned.  Different shaped loads can now be secured with few straps and chains. Load Chokers can facilitate in providing a solution towards reducing safety risks for unexpected on road emergency situations such as assisting in the prevention of loads telescoping towards approaching vehicles.

Load Chokers are made from dropped forged alloy steel, making them strong and durable. The rolled edge design feature facilitates in maximizing the service life of webbing straps and chains. Both versions have undergone rigorous testing in order to receive usage approval by industry leaders in steel manufacturing.


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Both Strap and Chain Chokers have passed independent manufacturing for international standards at through NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia). 

Made from quality steel alloy, our Web Strap and Chain Chokers are an Australian innovation, designed and engineered to meet and exceed load restraint requirements across the globe.


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