• load choker tie down restrainment binder
  • load choker tie down chain restrainment binder
  • load choker tie down mixed load restrainment binder
  • load choker tie down web strap restrainment binder
Chain Load Chokers

Our 8mm(5/16") and 10mm(3/8") Chain Load Chokers will assist in reducing load movement for chained loads.

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Strap Load Chokers

Our 50mm(2") and 100mm(4") Web Strap Load Chokers will assist in reducing load movement with web strapper loads.

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Where To Buy Load Chokers

Load Chokers are available throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK (Europe) and USA.
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to Load Choker

  • The Load Choker strap and chain choker innovations offer a safer method for restraining belly wrapped loads.  The chokers are designed to apply downward pressure and even tension around the load, restricting movement in all directions.

Load Choker is an industry leader in the development of unique Load Choking safety devices since 2006. The Load Choker systems offer an exciting new and safer method for restraining loose loads such as steel, timber, pipes and heavy machinery the use of webbing strap tie down systems and G70 transport chain.


Other load restraint devices and products don’t even compare to the level of security offered by these unique chokers in restricting load movement for belly wrapped loads.


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Load Choker

Safer Loads, Safer Roads.

Designed by a trucker and developed in unison with an engineer and manufacturer, the Strap and Chain Load Chokers are the only products on the market that claim with confidence that its application restricts movement of loose loads in ALL directions. We're here to make it safer for you!

    • Our patented Web Strap and Chain Chokers can assist in securing your load by ensuring loads reach their destination/s with less stress and hazards faced by truckies today.  The bonus is that our system allows for multiple items or loads to be belly wrapped together safely.  Resulting in time saving and safety benefits.



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Watch our Chain Load Chokers in action

One Steel RHS Chain Load Choker Application.